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I haven't participated in BTT for ages and saw this weeks question and thought it would be fun.
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When is the last time you read a history book? Historical biography? You know, something that took place in the past but was REAL.
Well, the last time was 'People of the Book' by Geraldine Brooks, about two weeks ago. What I like about Historical Fiction is the fine line between extending history and simply writing something that is not true. Whereas in a lot of oher genres you can get away with doing relatively little research, Historical Fiction requires huge amounts. Geraldine Brooks also said this in the interview I did with her.
I also like, after having read the book, to browse real history books and the internet to see which was fiction and what actually happened. Sometimes however HF can be a bit tiresome because the author is too busy showing of his knowledge instead of writing a story.
What are your thoughts on HF? If you also posted a response don't hesitate to leave the link!


  1. I've only read like 3 historical fiction books and I really liked them!

    TRISH- Here's my BTT Post

  2. I haven't read many, but that might change after reading everyone's answers.
    Here's Mine

  3. I love a well-written and well-researched historical fiction! Hooked on them to be honest!
    Here is my answer!

  4. My favorite is historical fiction, but I like true history books sometimes.

  5. Big fan of historical fiction here. I like looking out for little jokes the author includes for those who have some knowledge about the era. :)

  6. Thank you for stopping by. This is so much fun. Your is another new title for me.

  7. It all depends on the author and if I'm into the subject. True history books can be great reads, but they can also be the dreaded textbook, lol. Ideas?

    Here's Mine: House Millar - BTT


  8. People of the Book is a fantastic book :)

  9. I love historical fiction, because I can learn a lot about history in an entertaining way. And I'm the same as you, after reading I often go and search the web or encyclopedia to find out the facts.

  10. I love historical fiction - it's definitely one of my preferred genres. Have you read The Wideacre Trilogy by Philippa Gregory - that's one of my favourites!
    You're right about some authors wanting to demonstrate their extensive knowledge though. Just enough to set the scene and leave me wanting to find out more/read more about that era is a good balance!


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